The origin of the Gourmandine potato

The Gourmandine is part of the pallet of potato varieties from the Agrico potato cooperative. The enterprise has its own cultivation and research company called ‘Agrico Research’ and many experimental fields at home and abroad. Agrico Research works together with 35 affiliated private growers and 4 professional plant cultivation companies in the Netherlands, France, Sweden and Austria. The Gourmandine first saw the light of day through this dynamic network.

Every year, after crossing, Agrico Research and the affiliated growers start with 180,000 unique seedlings. After eleven years of testing, evaluating and selecting, the final remaining varieties can be counted on one hand. It was the French grower, Bretagne Plants that was responsible for the birth of Gourmandine from crossing parents Charlotte and Estima.

Over the last five years, the cultivation of the culinary variety has been carefully built up for both seed potatoes and consumption. In the Netherlands, the variety has been tested for two years with potato growers and in retail. This test phase has been completed successfully and the acreage has more than doubled, both in 2009 and 2010.

Below you can find more information about the parties from the potato sector involved in the Gourmandine.